sweet serendipity

I'm a southern girl at heart, living the greatest city in new england. I love books, sweet tea, photography, and fashion. i'm a lover not a fighter.
i believe that it is life, moreso than death that has no limits.

oh, how the time flies

so i can’t believe it , but my time in boston for the summer is almost over. i am attempting once again to pack all of my stuff up to head home for ten days, before beginning another year of school. i am not sure how, but it seems as though in the blink of an eye, my whole summer has flown by. (and with it, i seem to have expanded things to every corner of my room. its like bunnies. it just multiplies. i don’t even know.)

i’m trying to collect my thoughts, and wrap my head around the thought that my summer here is almost over, and i don’t feel that i was able to do nearly half the things i wanted too. as always, the best laid plans…

i did have an incredible summer though. the people i met, and the experiences i had with all my jobs are irreplaceable. working at j.crew has been unreal, and has really pushed me to new places and expectations. i had no idea that applying on a whim would be such a fantastic decision. getting to know this city has also been such a blessing, and one of the best experiences of my life. boston truly is a one of a kind city, and i am so happy that i was able to explore it as a native.

i’m headed to bed, but can’t wait to sort through all the thoughts i’ve been writing in my head.

smile on, lovelies.